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“When I purchased my home in 2005, I knew the roof had to be replaced. Being a new homeowner on St. Croix, I reached out to several people I met asking them for recommendations. Rooftops was recommended by more than one person, so I decided to call them.

They immediately set up an appointment and came to look at my roof. They knew about local weather conditions and how they affect roofing and also had a competent crew. I found comfort in knowing they had been on St. Croix for many years and were an established company committed to the Island, as well as their customers.

Throughout the construction, they kept me up-to-date on their progress. During an unscheduled inspection trip to St. Croix, I arrived to find the roof nearly finished as was scheduled and my property cleaned-up from construction debris.

My experiences with Rooftops have all been positive. I have no regrets in my decision to use them for my roof, and I highly recommend them to others. They are knowledgeable, hard-working and very accommodating.” - John W. Foley

This past year, during the rainy season, my roof started to leak. The leaking was severe, and if not dealt with quickly, it would have caused serious damage. It was an emergency situation and Rooftops responded immediately.

They not only completed the job quickly but they also gave me a five year warranty on the work, something that no other competitor offers on St. Croix. They are the best and most reliable roofing business and I would recommend them to everyone. - Susan Armstrong

Hi Fran

I'll forward your invoice to the book keeper and I plan on hand delivering it to you as soon as i get it ! I already called her to get the balance check Tuesday !

Please tell Rodger that the job came out great and I'm very happy with it ! See you soon! Thanks - Mike

I want to say thank you to Rooftops for a great job. The workers were on time and always ready to do a great job. The finish carpentry work was well done and everything was clean and put in order before they left the job. I highly recommend for future work. Thank you to the owners for their approval of this work in a timely manner. It was very much needed to keep the property in good repair. Again thank you to all who worked on getting this project completed. - Peter and Carol Stewart

I really appreciated the prompt response that I got from Rooftops when I called them to repair my roof before the next rains. They did and when the rains came the next day, my ceiling was dry! Much appreciation for the good job and prompt service. - Lorna Anne